Cellular and Molecular Brain Aging Research Laboratory

The crossroad between aging and neurodegenerative diseases

Welcome to the Tseng Lab!

We are a young and vibrant research group based at the School of Life Science and ASU-Banner Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center, Arizona State University in the Valley of the Sun. By employing molecular, cellular, and biochemical approaches, we study how normal aging and environmental factors lead to neurodegenerative diseases. 

[We are currently recruiting at multiple levels, please go to Team for more details]


The Tseng Lab welcomes Franky!


The Tseng Lab welcomes Franky Spinos to join the team as a research technician. We are thrilled to have him for exciting science!

The Tseng Lab welcomes Jack!


The Tseng Lab welcomes Jack Cristofano to join the team as an undergraduate research assistant!

The Tseng Lab welcomes Sydney!


The Tseng Lab welcomes Sydney Moates to join the team as an undergraduate research assistant!

Dr. Tseng's educational video on tau biology is now available on the Duke-UNC ADRC Research Curriculum.


Dr. Tseng's introductory video about tau is now available on the Duke-UNC ADRC Research Curriculum, as part of the mission to outreach and convey the knowledge to the general pubilc. 

Dr. Tseng presents at ASU-BNI Neuroscience Graduate Research Symposium.


Dr. Tseng was invited to give a talk entitled "What goes wrong in the brain during normal aging: Tau and beyond!" at the 13th ASU-BNI Neuroscience Graduate Research Symposium at Creighton University in Phoenix. It was a great opportunity to interact with local research communities and prospective graduate students.

The Tseng Lab welcomes Jack!


The Tseng Lab welcomes Jackson Nieto to join the team as an undergraduate research assistant. Let's get the science roll!

Dr. Tseng contributes perspective on tau in Cytoskeleton


In this perspective article, Dr. Tseng discussed the emerging concept of tau and its potential that leads to novel therapeutic avenue against tau-mediated neurodegenerative diseases including AD.

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The Tseng Lab welcomes Beisha! 


The Tseng Lab welcomes Beisha Hernandez to join the team as a Research Technician. We are excited to have her in the lab and looking forward to working on exciting projects. 

Dr. Tseng on the State Press


Dr. Tseng was interviewed by the State Press to provide his opinions on the Neuralink Brain-Computer Interface being approved by IRB, and its potential implication in treating neurological disorders. 

Clink the LINK to read the article.

We are hiring an Edson Postdoctoral Fellow in the Tseng Lab! 


We invite applications for an Edson Foundation Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the ASU Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center (NDRC) at Arizona State University. The NDRC is a center in the world renown Biodesign Institute and the fellowship would be in the laboratory of Dr. Henry Tseng. Under the direction of founding director Dr. Jeffrey Kordower, the goal of the Edson Foundation and NDRC is to fund research and scholars that will aid in new discoveries and solutions to improve the quality of life for people affected by neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD).

More details can be found HERE

The Tseng Lab welcomes Kevan and Amy! 


The Tseng Lab welcomes two ASU undergraduates, Kevan Ata Abadi and Amy Moore-Bonbright, to join the team as undergraduate researchers. Look forward to working with them and having some fun in science!

The Tseng Lab is hiring at all levels! Details can be found here


The Tseng Lab will be opening its door at ASU in Fall 2023. Currently, we are hiring at all levels including postdoctoral scholars, research technicians, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers. Please see details and email Henry directly if you are eager to figure out the mystery of neurodegeneration and work in a fun and collaborative environment!